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April 2017 Archives

Want your family to avoid probate? Explore these 3 planning tools

Because you love your family, you undoubtedly want to make your eventual passing as easy on them as possible. Estate planning can offer many options for doing just that as you can plan the handling of your estate rather than leaving it up to your family to decide while they go through the grieving process. Therefore, no matter your age, you may wish to get a jump-start on your planning.

Drowning in debt? You don't have to lose the farm.

Countless individuals have experienced periods of significant financial struggle throughout the course of their lives. Perhaps unexpected events have caused you to fall behind, and you are unable to maintain a certain quality of life needed for you and your family. You might have the ability to pay a certain amount of your debt, but the entirety of it might have you in a financial stranglehold.

Is creating an estate plan really that necessary?

Estate planning is an important step to take to ensure that your health care and final property wishes are met. Creating an estate plan in California is also helpful for making sure that surviving family members receive the provisions they need when you are gone. Unfortunately, it is often put off to focus on seemingly more pressing needs, although this can be risky since disability or death can strike at any time.

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