Benefits Of Bankruptcy

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The following are the main advantages to filing a Bankruptcy: 1. Discharge of Debts. No matter what chapter of the Bankruptcy Code a debtor may file under, the goal would be to obtain a discharge. A discharge makes some of the debtors [...]

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy — Who Is Eligible?

2023-11-14T21:04:38+00:00August 28th, 2012|

Under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, a debtor continues his business operations while at the same time reorganizing its financial affairs. Any person or entity eligible to file a chapter 7 Bankruptcy would also be eligible to file a chapter 11. This includes individuals, partnerships [...]

Strategies For Reorganization In A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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Under a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy a corporate (or individual) debtor can restructure its business operations, continue to operate a business and reorganize its financial affairs. The reorganizations process is achieved by filing a plan and disclosure statement and getting them confirmed through [...]

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lien Stripping

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In a Chapter 11 , a Debtor may restricted its debts or the terms under which a Debtor in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy will pay off its debts. This includes lien stripping in some cases. This is done primarily by motion and [...]

An Overview Of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

2021-03-11T21:57:05+00:00August 23rd, 2012|

A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy usually allows a debtor to continue business operations while attempting to reorganize the debtors debts at the same time. This makes headlines when an organizations such as Crystal Cathedral, United Airlines, Lehman Brothers or General Motors files for [...]

Difference Between Chapter 7 Bankruptcy And Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

2022-01-27T15:17:46+00:00August 22nd, 2012|

For most individuals there are two different types of Bankruptcy filing — A Chapter 7 liquidation and a Chapter 13 repayment plan. Both serve the same purpose of providing relief from your debts. But each has advantages and requirements that will determine which is [...]

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