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Why Hire Us For Estate Planning And Probate Needs

How My Firm Can Help You And Your Family

Finding the right attorney can take time. You want someone who is experienced at handling your specific concerns, but still is willing to give your case personal attention. You may have several questions about how I can help, and I wanted to take a few moments to tell you about some of the benefits of working with my firm.

What Makes Me Different From Other Firms?

There are many law firms in the region that handle estate planning and probate issues. I believe that my experience sets me apart from other estate planning and probate attorneys. For over 25 years, I have been helping California families find answers. You can rely upon me to provide you with the in-depth answers you need to protect your family.

What Can I Expect From You As My Attorney?

At all stages of the process, you will be working directly with me. As a solo attorney, I will provide you with the attention that your concerns deserve. I will work together with you and put you in charge of making the right decisions for your future.

I want you to be able to trust that you have someone looking out for you. Whether you need help building the right estate plan for the future or need someone to help guide you through the probate process, I will be there to address any issues that may arise.

Why Is An Attorney Necessary? Can’t I Just Fill Out Forms On The Internet?

This is something that I hear from a lot of people. They think that by filling out these forms, they have taken the necessary steps to protect their families. What they do not realize is that these forms only provide very basic boilerplate language. I provide estate plans that are custom-designed according to your wishes. This will help you limit potential problems from arising at a difficult time for your family.

Get Estate Planning Answers That Are Created Specifically For Your Situation

You can depend on me to help you find the right plan for you. To schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer, please call my Anaheim office at 714-639-1990 or send me an email. I can help you protect your legacy.

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