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Probate is the legal process through which a deceased individual’s heirs receive his or her assets, settling outstanding debts and taxes of the decedent using funds from the estate and wrapping up other affairs. The failure of an heir or representative to meet probate requirements can result in personal liability. The probate process is lengthy and can be an intense court process. At the Law Office of Christopher P. Walker, we do our very best to guide you through every step of the process including: court appearances, probate filings, public notices, assigning an executor, as well as litigating any claims against the estate from creditors or other family members.

Not every estate goes through the probate process after someone dies. A probate case may not be necessary if your loved one established a living trust and/or will while they were alive, possibly allowing their heirs to avoid probate altogether. However, most estates are subject to probate, and reliable legal representation and guidance is the key to preventing issues and delays during this difficult time. At the Law Office of Christopher P. Walker, we work closely with you and the family to ensure you feel supported and informed from beginning to end, all done with clarity and compassion.

Estate Planning Overview

For many families, the loss of a loved one is an extremely emotional time. Everything changes and it can be very difficult to return to normal. When these loved ones do not have an estate plan in place, it only adds to the grief and challenges a family will face.

At my law firm, I help California families plan for the future. I have 25 years of experience creating comprehensive estate plans for people to help them protect their legacies. Together, we can find the approach that helps you ensure your loved ones won’t be forced to make impossible choices.

Bankruptcy And Your Property

If you are considering bankruptcy, you likely have a number of questions and concerns. Most important among them is how bankruptcy will affect your property, your career and your life going forward.

Many people believe filing bankruptcy will lead them to lifelong financial ruin. Fortunately, that is not the case. Though bankruptcy is not for everyone, the reality is it often provides more benefits than downsides for those facing excessive debt.

Whatever your situation, it is critical to consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to explore all your options.

Alternatives To Bankruptcy

Buried in debt? You may be under the erroneous impression that bankruptcy is your only option. In reality, you may be able to take advantage of a number of bankruptcy alternatives.

Before determining which course to pursue, it is critical to consult with a qualified bankruptcy attorney. I, attorney Christopher P. Walker, have over two decades of experience advising individuals on their debt relief options.

To explore your debt relief options, contact me today for a free consultation. Evening appointments are available.

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