Bankruptcy And Your California Property

Bankruptcy And Your Property in California

What You Should Know About Bankruptcy And Your Orange County Property

The bankruptcy laws in the United States are some of the most widely misunderstood finance laws. They are also some of the most useful to those facing financial hardship. Bankruptcy can help an individual or business manage their debt more effectively, handle changes to their income more easily, and ultimately provide peace of mind after dealing with severe financial uncertainty.

If you are considering bankruptcy in California, you likely have a number of questions and concerns. Most important among them is how bankruptcy will affect your property, your career and your life going forward.

Many people believe filing bankruptcy will lead them to lifelong financial ruin. Fortunately, that is not the case. Though bankruptcy is not for everyone, the reality is it often provides more benefits than downsides for those facing excessive debt.

Whatever your situation, it is critical to consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to explore all your options.

Comprehensive Anaheim Bankruptcy Counsel

Anaheim Bankruptcy Lawyer

I am Christopher P. Walker, a bankruptcy and property lawyer in Anaheim, California. I help those struggling with insurmountable debt determine whether bankruptcy is a solution. Additionally, I assist individuals with all aspects of pursuing bankruptcy, whether that involves  Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 or, in rare cases, Chapter 11.

I advise clients on all aspects of bankruptcy and related issues, including:

  • Whether bankruptcy will stop home foreclosures. Bankruptcy is a way to prevent creditors from continuing their collection efforts while you restructure your debts. In some cases, bankruptcy can prevent foreclosure on your home and allow you to keep it while you rearrange your debts.
  • The effect of bankruptcy on investment properties. Countless variables influence the bankruptcy process, and thoroughness is crucial when filing for bankruptcy. As your Anaheim bankruptcy attorney, I will ensure things like investment properties receive appropriate attention during bankruptcy proceedings.
  • How to protect your assets in bankruptcy. Many people believe bankruptcy means selling everything you own to settle your unpaid debts, but this is not exactly the case. While you may need to sell off some of your assets to clear your credit, my team can help you retain ownership over as much of your property as possible during your bankruptcy case.
  • Alternatives to bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can be an extreme option in some cases. When you meet with me as your Anaheim bankruptcy attorney, I will thoroughly review your situation and help you determine if filing for bankruptcy is suitable for your situation and whether it can have the effects you’re hoping to see.
  • Debt settlement versus bankruptcy. In some cases, it’s possible to avoid filing for bankruptcy by working with your creditors to reach a settlement. In some cases, you can settle your unpaid debt for less than you actually owe and put the issue behind you rather than go through the motions of a bankruptcy filing.
  • Debt consolidation versus bankruptcy. It’s sometimes possible to consolidate your debts through a single payment service, reducing your monthly obligation while allowing you to avoid the bankruptcy process.
  • How bankruptcy will affect your career. Filing for bankruptcy can have significant professional consequences for some individuals. If you are concerned about how your bankruptcy filing will influence your career, my team will walk you through all your options and help you prepare for what’s ahead.
  • How to keep your car in bankruptcy. The bankruptcy process considers certain pieces of property, such as homes and vehicles, exempt from needing to sell it off to pay down your debts. Your attorney can help you prove you need your vehicle for everyday use, going to work, and managing your family. This can help you keep your vehicle safe from your bankruptcy filing.
  • The benefits of hiring a bankruptcy attorney. The bankruptcy process is notoriously complex. Having legal guidance can be invaluable for those with complicated financial issues. If you are unsure whether you need an Anaheim bankruptcy lawyer, you can schedule a consultation with the Law Office of Christopher P. Walker to learn more about your options and the potential benefits of working with an attorney for a bankruptcy filing.

When you choose my firm, I will explain your options and let you know what to expect so you can feel comfortable moving forward with whatever route you choose.



When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, there are several approaches you might take to this situation. It’s essential to understand the basics of each potential type of bankruptcy filing so you can decide which filing status applies best for your situation. The two most common types of bankruptcy sought in the US are Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is typically suitable for individuals who cannot pay their debts. The process requires the selling off of liquid assets to pay down as much of the debt as possible and then discharging the remaining amount. This effectively releases the individual from their debt obligation, but it requires selling off all non-exempt liquid assets.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy works a bit differently. A judge will determine an appropriate payment plan. You must make these payments for the required time. After completing the payment plan and paying down a portion of your debt, the bankruptcy court will discharge your remaining debt. Your creditors can disagree with the judge’s proposed payment amounts, but the judge has the final say in the decision.

If you are wondering which of these filing options would be most suitable for your situation, remember that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is only available to individuals below a certain income level. If you do not meet this threshold, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be your only available option. To qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you must have less than $1,184,200 in secured debt or $394,725 in unsecured debt.

It’s a good idea to have legal representation on your side no matter which route you take with your bankruptcy filing. Making any mistake with your bankruptcy paperwork, missing a filing deadline with the bankruptcy court, or making other procedural errors can significantly increase the time it will take to secure a bankruptcy judgment. Your Anaheim bankruptcy attorney can streamline the process, help you gather the materials you need to submit with your filing documents, and guide you through hearings and other proceedings in your bankruptcy case.

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With over two decades of experience as a bankruptcy attorney, I possess in-depth knowledge of the Bankruptcy Code. Additionally, I am intimately familiar with the bankruptcy court system.

I provide cost-effective, efficient and results-oriented service to accomplish clients’ goals.

As a solo practitioner, I am readily available to address clients’ questions and concerns. Additionally, I offer evening appointments.

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