When creditors come looking for their unpaid bills, debtors are subject to legal action. Bankruptcy law is a legal discipline aimed at helping those who are unable to pay their debts. Some bankruptcy filings manifest from medical bills, the loss of a job, economic changes in the area, and negligent spending. Whatever the case may be for you, an Orange County, CA bankruptcy attorney can guide you through the recovery process and potentially minimize your debts.

At the Law Office of Christopher P. Walker, our team is dedicated to providing robust and comprehensive legal counsel to those facing bankruptcy filings in California. We understand how challenging and stressful it can be to confront the inability to pay your debts or the fear of losing your home and other property to creditors. A bankruptcy filing can shield you from legal action and resolve your debts without going completely broke in the process, and a skilled Orange County, CA bankruptcy lawyer can help you through every step of the process.


Since 1994, Attorney Christopher P. Walker has provided bankruptcy counsel to clients in Orange County who face significant financial struggles with all kinds of creditors. Whether you need help resolving unpaid medical bills, student loans, vehicle payments, credit card debt, or a large combination of bills, our team will carefully review your situation and the documentation available to determine the best solution for you.

While many people believe that debt settlement is preferable to bankruptcy, this is not always the case. Debt settlement aims to lengthen the term of repayment, all the while damaging the debtor’s credit even further. In contrast, bankruptcy can potentially allow a debtor to freeze legal action from creditors and discharge their debts in other ways. They can start rebuilding credit immediately instead of prolonging the process through ineffective debt settlement. If you are unsure about the best way to resolve your debt situation, the team at the Law Office of Christopher P. Walker will do everything we can to ensure you can take full advantage of the bankruptcy process and break free from your debts.


A private individual or a company can potentially file for bankruptcy when they meet specific conditions, and legal representation is not a strict requirement. However, bankruptcy proceedings often involve complex legal and financial questions. The outcomes they produce may affect a filer for a very long time. It’s best to have an experienced Orange County, CA bankruptcy attorney oversee your bankruptcy filing to ensure you have every legal advantage at your disposal and that the process meets your financial goals.

A skilled Orange County, CA bankruptcy lawyer will review the cases against you from your creditors, determine the best way to approach your bankruptcy filing process, and gather the documentation you will need to complete the filing process. Having assistance during this time can be an incredible weight off of your shoulders. It will allow you to focus your attention toward restructuring your budget and your expenses and managing your personal life.


Bankruptcy is a method of discharging and/or reducing debts you are unable to pay. When you sign any type of money lending contract or financing contract, you likely signed an agreement to pay back your debt in a certain manner or accept responsibility for the penalties the creditor outlined in the contract. If you review an unpaid agreement between you and a creditor, it will likely include wording that indicates the creditor reserves the right to sue you for nonpayment of the debt.

The bankruptcy process halts legal actions against you by creditors and provides you with the opportunity to discharge the debt. This actually works in favor of the creditor in some cases by sparing them the expense of legal counsel during lengthy debt litigation. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the most common bankruptcy filing seen in the United States, and this procedure allows an individual to experience a truly fresh start when it comes to their debts.

Bankruptcy for individuals typically pertains to secured and unsecured debts. Secured debts pertain to possessions such as real estate and vehicles, or tangible assets. Unsecured debts include credit cards and other loans that may or may not have physical collateral behind them. A bankruptcy filing is a method of determining the best way to restructure, eliminate, or pay off different types of debts.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a different kind of bankruptcy filing that allows debtors to maintain ownership of their secured property and renegotiate their repayment terms with creditors. This type of filing can be beneficial to those who just need a bit of flexibility to manage their debts more easily. This form of bankruptcy can also allow you to maintain ownership of property and assets that would otherwise not be exempt from seizure in Chapter 7 filing.


Bankruptcy laws in California and throughout the United States have evolved significantly in the last several years, and it is now more difficult to qualify for bankruptcy than it has ever been. If you think that a Chapter 7 filing or another type of bankruptcy filing could help you get out of debt, the complexities surrounding modern bankruptcy laws are yet another reason why you should find legal counsel for your bankruptcy claim as soon as possible.

An experienced Orange County, CA bankruptcy lawyer can review your bankruptcy eligibility and proceed with your filing if you qualify.  When you hire the Law Office of Christopher P. Walker, you will have access to an experienced and responsive Orange County, CA bankruptcy attorney who can accurately assess your bankruptcy eligibility and the potential your filing options offer. Instead of a tedious debt settlement that will continue to eat away at your credit score, our team can help you through the bankruptcy filing most appropriate for your situation so you can start rebuilding your credit faster.

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