We recently wrote about ways to successfully navigate your debt this holiday season. But what if you have already exceeded a reasonable holiday debt limit? Are you concerned about your ability to pay your holiday-related debt off over a reasonable time period?

A survey recently conducted by CreditCards.com indicates that nearly 20 percent of Americans believe that they will never get out of debt. It can be easy to think this way when your debt feels overwhelming. However, it is important to note that in addition to bankruptcy, debt settlement, debt consolidation and other debt relief options exist to aid Americans in regaining their financial footing.

If you have already exceeded a reasonable holiday debt limit, consider curtailing your spending from this point forward. An experienced debt relief attorney can help you explore debt relief options that may be available to you. With some sincere effort and a little legal assistance, you may be able to bring your debt back under control.

Please, do not be ashamed to seek help. You are not alone. According to USA Today, nearly 40 percent of Americans have acquired new debt this holiday season. A staggering number of Americans were already in debt before the holiday season began and more will likely find themselves in debt before it is over. You are truly not alone and options are likely available to help you regain a solid financial foundation. Please consider speaking with an attorney experienced in debt relief matters as soon as you can.

Source: Madame Noire, “Survey: Some Americans May Take A Year To Pay Off Holiday Debt,” Lauren R.D. Fox, Dec. 17, 2014