We frequently write about the various logistical challenges that individuals may face when their debts have become to unwieldy to manage. However, logistical and legal challenges are not the only hurdles that individuals must clear on their way back to financial stability.

Oftentimes, when debt becomes unmanageable one’s emotions become a bit unmanageable as well. Whether you have had to seek debt relief due to overwhelming medical debt or you have declared bankruptcy due to mounting credit card debt, the emotions associated with these processes can be powerfully intense.

It is important to process the negative emotions inspired by your bankruptcy or other debt relief situation in healthy ways. Failure to do so will only cause you more pain down the road. By addressing your debt with the help of an experienced attorney, you have already taken a critically important step towards creating a brighter future for yourself. However, you will not be able to enjoy the positive consequences of your bold efforts if you do not grieve and otherwise process the emotions inspired by your situation.

If you are struggling with negative emotions in the wake of dealing with your mounting debt, please consider investing in self-care. By taking excellent physical and mental care of yourself, including getting enough rest, exercising, seeking support and engaging in hobbies you enjoy, you will place yourself in a better position to process your negative emotions in healthy ways and to move forward in healthy ways as well. Your future self will almost certainly thank you for making these kinds of efforts now.

Source: Forbes, “4 Tips For Coping With The Emotional Cost Of Bankruptcy,” Joe Apfelbaum, Aug. 21, 2014