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Anaheim Estate Planning Attorney

An Overview Of My Estate Planning And Probate Practice

For many families, the loss of a loved one is an extremely emotional time. Everything changes and it can be very difficult to return to normal. When these loved ones do not have an estate plan in place, it only adds to the grief and challenges a family will face.

At my law firm, I help California families plan for the future. I have 25 years of experience creating comprehensive estate plans for people to help them protect their legacies. Together, we can find the approach that helps you ensure your loved ones won’t be forced to make impossible choices.

How An Estate Planning Attorney Can Build The Right Plan For You

When you meet with me, I will explain exactly what sort of plan you need, and will help you make the best decisions for your future. I know these can be difficult things to think about, but it is important you take the time to ensure your final wishes will be carried out. I assist clients with many different estate planning and probate issues, including:

So many people put off estate planning until it is too late. They simply fail to realize why everyone should have an estate plan that protects their family and assets at such a difficult time. You need to reach out to an experienced lawyer to be sure that your plan meets your specific needs.

Contact Me To Learn More About Your Estate Planning Options

To discuss your specific estate planning and probate concerns, please call my Anaheim office at 714-639-1990 or send me an email. I will help you find the answers that are right for your situation.

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