It’s not uncommon for Brea, CA residents and people throughout California to encounter problems with their bills and debts. Some individuals suffer injuries, lose their jobs, or encounter other unpredictable events that complicate their financial situations. When an individual cannot afford to repay their debts, they may become subject to legal action from their creditors. If you are currently facing the fact that you cannot manage your debts, a Brea, CA bankruptcy attorney can help you determine the best solution to your debt situation.

Bankruptcy is a commonly misunderstood concept. In the simplest terms, bankruptcy is a legal vehicle for discharging or eliminating debts you cannot afford to pay. Debt can accrue from secure property and assets like real estate, vehicles, expensive electronics, professional equipment, and other debts linked to tangible assets. Debts can also be unsecured in the form of credit cards and personal loans. At the Law Office of Christopher P. Walker, our legal team specializes in analyzing our clients’ debts and determining the best available bankruptcy filing options for them.


Attorney Christopher P. Walker has nearly 30 years of practical experience as a Brea, CA bankruptcy attorney. Over the years, Attorney Walker and his team have successfully handled countless bankruptcy filing cases for clients all over the Brea, CA, and Orange County areas. We believe in aggressive, thorough, and compassionate representation in every case we accept.

Our team understands that facing financial uncertainty can be incredibly stressful for you and your family. We will put the full range of our skills, resources, and experience to work in your case and help you achieve the best outcome we can discern. California bankruptcy laws can be daunting if you do not have reliable legal counsel on your side, and our team is prepared to navigate you through every step of the bankruptcy filing process.


Bankruptcy has acquired a negative reputation, and most debtors fall into the trap of agreeing to debt settlement with their creditors instead of exploring the potential bankruptcy offers for a better outcome. With debt settlement, a creditor and a debtor negotiate new repayment terms for the debt in question. This may involve lengthening the repayment term or adjusting payment amounts, or a combination of both. In any event, debt settlement does not stop legal proceedings from manifesting against the debtor, nor does it stop the debtor’s credit score from dwindling away.

Filing for bankruptcy instead of pursuing debt settlement with your creditors can mean partial or complete discharge of your debts. Depending on the type of bankruptcy filing you complete and the severity of your debts, you may be able to retain ownership over certain secured assets like your home or vehicle. Bankruptcy can also allow you to start rebuilding your credit score immediately instead of allowing it to worsen in a debt settlement.


Every bankruptcy filing is unique, and the Law Office of Christopher P. Walker will analyze your documentation and communications with your creditors to determine your best bankruptcy option. Chapter 7 is the most commonly filed form of bankruptcy in the US, and this Chapter is ideal for those facing a substantial amount of unsecured debts like unpaid credit card balances. A Chapter 7 filing can potentially allow the debtor to discharge or eliminate their debt and prevent the creditor from seeking further legal action against the debtor.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, on the other hand, is more suited to those who want to retain the assets they hold, such as their home or vehicle. A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing essential renegotiates the terms of a debt and allows the debtor to prevent seizure or repossession. Your unique situation may mean one of these two filing options is preferable to the other, and the team at the Law Office of Christopher P. Walker will provide you with sound legal advice through every phase of your bankruptcy filing process.


Hiring legal counsel may not be a strict requirement of pursuing a bankruptcy filing, but a Brea, CA bankruptcy lawyer can make the filing process much easier and more efficient for you. An experienced attorney can help you determine which forms you will need to file for your bankruptcy application and also assist you in gathering the documentation you will need to submit along with it. The bankruptcy court will expect to perform a thorough review of your income, assets, properties, and debts in the handling of your bankruptcy filing.

Hiring the right Brea, CA bankruptcy attorney can mean a much swifter decision on your bankruptcy filing. Your attorney will determine which Chapter is appropriate for your situation and navigate bankruptcy proceedings on your behalf.

An attorney can also examine the agreements you have signed with creditors and identify illegalities, inconsistencies, and procedural errors that could have a bearing in your bankruptcy filing. While your attorney handles the legal end of your bankruptcy filing, you will have the flexibility to start restructuring your personal budget and making financial changes for your life after filing for bankruptcy. If a creditor has engaged in any predatory or exploitative actions against you, the Law Office of Christopher P. Walker can help you expose them.


The bankruptcy laws in place in California and throughout the United States have undergone significant changes in the last several years. Securing approval for a bankruptcy filing is more difficult than ever. This is one of the reasons why it is so crucial to seek legal counsel as promptly as possible when you are considering bankruptcy. The sooner you act, the sooner you can have an experienced Brea, CA bankruptcy lawyer review your claim, potentially helping you avoid legal action from your creditors and enabling you to start rebuilding your financial life.

The Law Office of Christopher P. Walker can assess your financial situation and help you determine your best options for handling your debts under state and federal bankruptcy laws. Contact us today and schedule a case review with a skilled Brea, CA bankruptcy attorney and find out if you qualify for bankruptcy relief.

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