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Why Do You Need A Bankruptcy Attorney?

Why Do You Need A Bankruptcy Attorney?

When you are unable to pay your monthly bills and stuck in overwhelming debt, you might balk at the thought of hiring an attorney. Why do you need a bankruptcy attorney? The truth is, hiring an attorney may be far more affordable than you would think. And the benefits you will obtain — the elimination of debt, protection of your property and financial freedom — are well worth the expense.

I am bankruptcy attorney Christopher P. Walker. For over 25 years, I have guided people like you through bankruptcy. I offer affordable fees and accept a variety of payment options.
To learn how I can help you navigate the intricacies of bankruptcy, contact me for a free initial consultation.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney: Doing It The Right Way

Bankruptcy is a complex process. Even if you have successfully represented yourself in state court, federal bankruptcy court runs on different — and more complex — procedural rules. Additionally, there are many important bankruptcy deadlines to keep track of. For that reason, it is important to pursue bankruptcy the right way — with the experienced counsel of an attorney.

Those who attempt a do-it-yourself bankruptcy, or who skimp and hire a paralegal or legal assistant to look over their papers, may end up with a negative outcome. For example, it is critical to consult with a bankruptcy attorney about the exemptions you may be entitled to. Exemptions are a way to protect your property — such as your home, car and personal belongings — in bankruptcy.

If you fail to comport with all of the detailed legal requirements, you may end up losing valuable property that you easily could have kept.

For those pursuing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it is particularly important to hire an attorney who can navigate the particular complexities of this type of bankruptcy.

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