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What does a Probate Executor Do?

What Are The Duties Of A Probate Executor?

Being an executor of an estate in Orange County Superior Court carries responsibilities for managing and administering the deceased estate, including assets, debts and any potential litigation. An executor is the person appointed by the Court to carry out the terms of the will or, if there is no will, to distribute the assets and income according to the California Probate Code.

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Probate executor duties include:

1) Arranging for the funeral or memorial, based on the wishes of the decedent and ordering death certificates.

2) Locating assets, title documents, bank statements, deeds, investment accounts, life insurance documents, and the last will and testament (if any).

3) Hiring an attorney and deciding if filing a petition with the probate court is necessary or if there is an alternative to the probate petition which can avoid the court process.

4) If a probate proceeding is started, ensuring, with help of the attorney, that all of the requirements required by the court are complied with, including publication of notice, service of notice on all heirs at law and persons named in the will, posting a bond or getting the correct waivers of bond and ensure that the will is correctly filed in the Orange County Superior Court.

5) Manage the decedent’s affairs including notifying Social Security; collecting assets from bank, investment accounts, and life insurance where there were no beneficiaries named; setting up an estate bank account, paying debts and creditors, filing tax returns and keeping accurate records.

6) Seeking Court approval for the final distribution of the assets of the estate and compensation for the executor and attorney; providing an accounting to the beneficiaries; ensuring that the property of the estate is distributed to the correct persons and getting receipts for each distribution.

7) Closing the probate estate with the Court.

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