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Planning for the well-being of your loved ones and their future can be overwhelming. You may need to figure out where to start, what your assets are worth, or how to make sense of the legal jargon involved. When the time comes for your last wishes to be honored, you want to make sure everything goes smoothly. Ensure that your last wishes are met by retaining the services of a Norco wills lawyer.

At the Law Office of Christopher P. Walker, we know that estate planning can be a complex, emotional process for anyone. That’s why we combine our knowledge of estate planning law with our experience and compassion to provide our clients with effective services that help them feel comfortable about their future. If you’re looking to create a will in Norco, California, our team is prepared to guide you through the estate planning process.

What Type of Lawyer Can Help You Draft a Will in California?

An estate planning attorney can help you draft and implement your will. Because your estate includes all of the property and assets that you’ve collected throughout your life, it’s vital that you detail how you want everything divided when you pass. By working with a Norco wills attorney, you can receive the help you need to build a strong estate plan while protecting your assets and your loved ones. We can also ensure that your will is executed properly later on.

What Types of Wills Exist in California?

The state of California generally offers four types of wills. You should note that you are allowed to have multiple wills in California as long as they serve different purposes. Understanding each will can help you better determine which document is right for you. The four basic types of wills are:

  • Simple Wills: Also called a basic will, a simple will is a document used to list your assets and the beneficiaries you want to receive them. Your money, home, art collection, or car can all be designated. If you have minor children, this kind of will allows you to name a legal guardian for them until they are of age. With a wills lawyer in Norco, CA, forming your simple will can be easy.
  • Living Wills: Unlike other kinds of wills, a living will becomes active before a person passes. A living will details medical treatment preferences and assigns durable power of attorney to a trusted loved one of your choice. This way, if you’re incapacitated, your living will can transfer power of attorney to the person you assigned. Even though this type of will does not deal with assets, it can exist alongside a document that does.
  • Joint Wills: Typically used by spouses who desire the other spouse to inherit all assets upon their death, a joint will allows you to transfer all of your assets without extra work. Where a joint will become difficult is in its inflexibility. If a spouse dies, specific terms such as provisions, beneficiaries, and executors cannot be changed. The inflexibility may create complications if the living spouse’s wishes change.
  • Testamentary Trust Wills: This type of will allows you to place chosen assets into a trust that will be later executed by your chosen trustee. A testamentary trust is ideal if you have minor children or other beneficiaries you don’t want responsible for their inheritance. This trust allows for conditions on the inheritance, like when the beneficiary can use it and in what way.

How Do You Prepare a Simple Will in California?

Our team at the Law Office of Christopher P. Walker can ensure you cover all necessary details, have suitable types of wills for your situation, and help make the process smoother for your loved ones upon your death. When you prepare any estate plan or simple will, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Consider What Your Will Includes: Listing out every asset is a crucial first step for a more straightforward process. Think of everything that makes up your estate: savings, real estate holdings, insurance policies, pets, cars, furniture, and more. If you have items that are of sentimental or monetary value, list those too.
  2. Specify the Distribution of Your Assets: Keep each family member in mind as you determine where specific items should end up. While some people leave everything to their spouse and allow them to make these decisions, it can save your spouse a great deal of stress if you specify your wishes.
  3. List Your Beneficiaries: Beneficiaries are the individuals who receive your assets. It would help if you listed everyone, assigning specific details and instructions to each. Remember to list your favorite charities if you would like to leave them a contribution. Suppose you have specific sentimental or monetary items; list who should receive them.
  4. Name the Executor of Your Estate: Your executor leads the probate process or the administration of your will. The executor should be a responsible individual that you rely on to read and execute your will upon your death. If you are concerned about choosing a family member, you can name your Norco asset protection attorney as the executor.
  • Determine Guardians for Your Minor Children: If you have minor children, you must ensure they are cared for after you leave. Before you put anything in writing, it is always important to talk with your potential guardians first. Consider leaving funds to help cover the costs of raising your children as well as your children’s relationship with different loved ones.

How Much Do Most Lawyers Charge to Draft a Will in California?

A lawyer may charge anything from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on your financial circumstances, the size of your estate, and your exact situation. Some law offices charge flat fees, while others charge hourly rates. The amount a lawyer charges in Norco also depends on whether you want a simple will or an estate planning package, which can include a living will, a testamentary trust will, or a joint will. A typical price ranges from $1,000 to $1,500+.

Ready to Start Drafting Your Will in Norco?

Carry your wishes out exactly as you plan by consulting with our Norco wills lawyer as soon as possible. The guidance of a skilled attorney can make the entire process easier for you and your loved ones. Contact the Law Office of Christopher P. Walker today to schedule a consultation with a trusted, experienced Norco wills lawyer.

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