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What should you exclude from your will?

As you begin to think about getting your end-of-life affairs in order, you may focus a great deal on how you should distribute your assets. One of the most common ways individuals choose to carry out this task relates to creating a will. You can include a variety of information in this document, and it may help you cover many areas of your estate-planning needs.

What court will hear your bankruptcy case?

Going through bankruptcy can be a complex legal process. You may have felt uncertain about whether or not to actually proceed with this type of debt relief as opinions on the process can vary. However, bankruptcy can offer you a multitude of benefits when it comes to addressing your outstanding debt. Therefore, you may wish to better understand certain aspects of this option.

Who can act as administrator of a loved one's estate?

Surviving family members have many responsibilities after a loved one dies. If your loved one created a thorough estate plan, you and other family may have an easier time addressing the settling of the estate. However, many people die intestate, or without a will, and in such a case, you may have to take more steps to effectively address estate needs.

Business overwhelmed by debt? Chapter 11 is an option for you.

You know that bankruptcy is an option for individual consumers who are overwhelmed by debt and unable to manage payments owed to creditors, but you may not realize that bankruptcy is also an option for business entities that have overwhelming debt as well. Chapter 11 bankruptcy may offer relief and debt reorganization for businesses in difficult financial circumstances.

Don't make the mistake of assuming who your heirs might be

If you're the parent of one or more young adult children, you've probably wondered at how quickly time seems to pass. In fact, you might recall the moments you first brought your infants home from the hospital, their first days of school, when they learned to ride bikes, etc., as though these milestones occurred only yesterday. In reality, you know that two or more decades have passed, and you're concerned about your loved ones' futures, along with whether you have taken appropriate steps to provide for them when you're gone.

Want your family to avoid probate? Explore these 3 planning tools

Because you love your family, you undoubtedly want to make your eventual passing as easy on them as possible. Estate planning can offer many options for doing just that as you can plan the handling of your estate rather than leaving it up to your family to decide while they go through the grieving process. Therefore, no matter your age, you may wish to get a jump-start on your planning.

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