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Can you afford NOT to have an attorney in a bankruptcy?

Why would you spend money on an attorney when you struggle to pay your debts already? It seems like taking a step backwards, but it helps ensure you receive a discharge at the end of the bankruptcy. The process entails deadlines, paperwork and legal requirements that easily induce frustration and stress when attempted alone.

Is debt threatening the success of your business?

Owning and operating a business is difficult, and, sometimes, it costs a great deal of money simply to maintain operations, purchase inventory and pay employees. If you find that you have accumulated a great deal of debt that is now threatening your California business and livelihood, it is important to deal with it effectively in order to protect your long-term interests.

Common misconceptions about bankruptcy

When you are finding it difficult to pay your bills, and debt continues to stack up, it may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy. Most cases of bankruptcy happen because people find themselves stuck in a situation that caught them off-guard, like the sudden loss of a job or an illness that led to extensive medical bills.

Credit card debt a significant problem for many people

Credit card debt is something that hits some people harder than others. People get credit cards for many different reasons. They may want to establish credit worthiness. They may also want to add a cushion to their income so that they are prepared for a financial emergency if one arises. Others may need to make a major purchase, and not have the cash on hand.

Can you discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy?

Many people have taken out financial aid in order to pay for their continued education. Whether using these funds to pay for tuition at a trade school, college or grad school, these loans can quickly add up. Even if you find a decent-paying job after graduating, it can be difficult to meet your monthly payment obligations.

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