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Drowning in debt? You don't have to lose the farm.

Countless individuals have experienced periods of significant financial struggle throughout the course of their lives. Perhaps unexpected events have caused you to fall behind, and you are unable to maintain a certain quality of life needed for you and your family. You might have the ability to pay a certain amount of your debt, but the entirety of it might have you in a financial stranglehold.

Making financial resolutions for 2016

Today is a day for celebration. Although your debts have not been magically forgiven, nor has your income increased significantly overnight, today is a day that can serve as a significant turning point in your financial life. As the first day of the New Year progresses, consider adopting a few financially-related New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions may be large or small, but they will help to place you on the right track nonetheless.

Let's take a look at Chapter 13 bankruptcy

In a recent post, we talked about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and some of the things you need to know about this very helpful form of bankruptcy. However, there are some people who do not qualify for Chapter 7 based on their income, and thus they turn to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. Unlike Chapter 7, which is considered the "liquidation" option, Chapter 13 is considered the "consolidation" option.

Is your mortgage causing your finances to spin out of control?

The respected publication TIME magazine recently published a piece profiling a couple who found themselves in a surprising amount of debt over a short period of time. According to the piece, the couple had no debt when they were first married. Yet, over a relatively short span of time, the couple had accumulated $50,000 in credit card debt. This is particularly surprising given that one of the spouses is a debt settlement expert. What went wrong?

The evolution of the average American's debt load

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, the average American’s debt load decreased notably over time. However, recent statistics suggest that everyday Americans have recently allowed their debt loads to climb to the highest levels recorded since the end of the recession. A significant debt load is not always a negative reality. However, the specific circumstances surrounding any given individual’s debt certainly influence whether that debt is healthy, suspect or unmanageable.

Does it feel like your finances are freefalling?

Sometimes it can be truly difficult to determine whether or not you are in real financial trouble. Especially if you are young, you have recently assumed new major expenditures or if you are in the middle of a major life transition such as marriage, divorce, the diagnosis of an illness, job loss or recovery from an accident, it may be uniquely difficult to make heads or tails of your bills. However, a few signs should serve as red flags that it might be time to speak with an attorney experienced in bankruptcy and other forms of debt relief.

Preparing to negotiate with creditors

If you are struggling with overwhelming debt, you may be confused about which debt relief options are available to you. If so, speaking with an attorney experienced in matters of debt relief may be a good idea. While it is possible that the best option for your particular situation is to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy or some other form of personal or business bankruptcy, it is also possible that the best option for your situation is far less intensive.

Rebuilding credit after filing for bankruptcy

The decision to file for bankruptcy is often one made out of necessity. Though more Americans are filing for personal bankruptcy due to overwhelming medical bills than for any other reason, numerous financial circumstances can prompt individuals to seek out the protections and benefits that bankruptcy has to offer.

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