Coping with a loved one who has a chronic illness can be emotionally devastating. No life skill exists to prepare you to provide care for a seriously ill family member indefinitely. If the chronic illness is expected to last years, caregivers are often left physically and emotionally drained. The following are the best ways to cope with a loved one’s chronic illness to help not only them but you as well.

Take Care of Yourself

In the times that someone must care for a loved one, they often neglect themselves. However, as the saying goes, you should always put the oxygen mask on yourself first and ensure that you have enough strength both physically and emotionally to provide for someone else’s needs. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and nutritious food. Make sure to get outdoors or get some sort of physical exercise. Connect with friends and family to give you support and encouragement.

Obtain Support

Oftentimes, your community will have a group of other caregivers or resources regarding the medical condition of your loved one. Explore those resources to see if they can provide you with additional support and assistance.

Get Answers

Make sure you stay connected with doctors and medical professionals regarding your loved one’s condition. Keep a journal or notebook for all phone conversations, paperwork or other documentation, so that when you feel exhausted or overwhelmed the answers are all in one place for you.

Determine Your Loved One’s Wishes

You should take this time to find out the wishes of your loved one. Do they want to be on life support? Do they have personal preferences regarding how they wish to receive treatments and for how long? Do they have end-of-life choices already made? Do they have an estate plan? Taking this time to discuss these delicate issues with your loved one will ensure that their estate is handled according to their wishes following their death.

Contact an Experienced Attorney Today

Dealing with a loved one’s chronic illness can be overwhelming. If you wish to ensure that your loved one’s wishes are respected and fulfilled after their death, contact an experienced estate planning attorney at Christopher P. Walker at 714-909-2065 or online today.