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What you should expect from the probate process

When a person passes away, it is up to loved ones and others to deal with his or her California estate and ensure that assets go where they should. This can include paying off remaining debts and dealing with disputes over the terms of the will. The entire estate administration process is not easy, especially when you will not be able to avoid the probate process. 

Probate is the process of transferring a person's property after he or she passes away. In many cases, the terms of an estate plan make it possible to avoid the probate process altogether. It can be a lengthy and complex process, and many people working to settle their loved one's estate find it beneficial to work with an experienced legal ally as they walk through this process.

The requirements of a complex legal process

A court oversees the entire probate process. It ensures the appropriate distribution of all assets and property not specifically designated for a specific party or beneficiary. Probate can be relatively straightforward when there are no contests over the terms of the will. A contested will can lead to a complex and lengthy probate process.

The ultimate intent of probate is to settle a person's estate in an organized and legal manner. Some of the steps you may have to take as part of it include the following:

  • Collecting and inventorying all of the property that needs to go through probate
  • Paying remaining balances owed by the deceased, including bills, debts and taxes
  • Settlement of any remaining disputes against the estate
  • Collecting the rights to income, which includes profit from dividends and other sources
  • Ensuring the appropriate transfer and distribution of estate property to beneficiaries and heirs 

If you are overseeing the administration of a loved one's estate, you do not have to navigate the probate process by yourself.

The guidance you need for this immense responsibility

If you are responsible for overseeing an estate or making sure all parties meet the requirements of the probate process, you may find it beneficial to start by seeking a complete evaluation of your case. This can help you understand your responsibilities and the requirements of this potentially complex legal process.

An experienced guide can provide the support you need, ensuring you do not experience unnecessary complications and other setbacks that could delay the completion of the probate process and final settlement of the estate.

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